My name is David.

I’m a 19 year old Christian writer. I built this website as a place to publish my thoughts and opinions on anything I feel like writing about.

If you want to see my articles about Christianity, they can be found on Upward Gaze.

Site Information

This website was built with hugo and themed with Poison.

I chose hugo because static sites are much faster and much more lightweight than dynamic sites, and hugo is probably the best static site generator there is.

This site collects analytics with Umami, an open-source and self hosted analytics software. The script is very small and all data is completely anonymized.

Because this website was just made with a Hugo theme (that I made small modifications to), I chose not to publish the source code. If you want to know how the site works, check out the Poison theme github.

The content of my articles belongs to me, but it can be freely quoted with proper citations.