Just Get to Work

I just finished reading “The Art And Business of Online Writing” by Nicolas Cole, and I’ve been thinking about something from the first chapter. When Cole was beginning his writing career, he was determined to improve his skills by writing every single day. For six months, he says, his routine consisted of working as a copywriter for nine hours, communing an hour on the train, eating five meals per day and spending an hour and a half in the gym, and then writing until midnight.

Why Hugo?

I just completely redesigned the Upward Gaze website. When I initially created it, I just bought a hosting plan, slapped a Wordpress theme onto it, made some minor changes, and just started posting my articles. I wanted something working fast, and wordpress makes that possible. But there are some flaws with that. For a start, Wordpress creates what is known as a dynamic site. If you are unfamiliar with how websites work, they are usually created with three types of files: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Much to Say

Social media has ushered in an age of endless consumption. What was initially designed to facilitate connections among friends and build online communities has become a never-ending content machine. When online advertising first started to become a viable business, it took big-tech companies about two seconds to realize an important fact: the more time users spend on a platform, the more money they could make. So they allowed users to become addicted.